Qualification and certification council

We are happy to inform you that fortunately, the many years of efforts of the association have come to result, and simultaneously with the fourth national gathering of NDT Iran, we are starting the implementation of the central standard for verifying the qualification and issuing the certificate of non-destructive testing personnel (IRCCP).


Due to the many problems and dispersal and inconsistencies in the percentage of NDT certificates, which has caused the low credibility of all certificates, since its inception, the association, using the experiences of the NDT associations of advanced countries and the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT), developed the IRCCP central standard in order to Gradually, all certificates in the country should be issued from a reliable and specialized center and provide the assurance of all users and beneficiaries.


  • What are all the benefits of IRCCP central standard?


Currently, most of the certificates in our country are issued according to the proposed procedure of the American Association of Non-Destructive Testing, i.e. SNT TC 1A. But in issuing these certificates, the rules of the ASNT Association are often not followed, and on the other hand, due to the recent inspections and strictures carried out by the ASNT Association, the issuance of these types of certificates will gradually become impossible. In addition, the above proposed procedure has been developed only for the issuance of employer-type certificates. That is, each employer must issue a certificate for his employees only for his employees based on a written instruction (Written Practice) that is specific to him and is prepared with the cooperation of a level 3 expert, and the name of the employer must be mentioned in this certificate, which unfortunately This procedure is often not followed.

In other words, this type of certificate issued by one employer is not valid for other employers. But on the other hand, the IRCCP certificate is a central type certificate issued by the association and will be valid everywhere and with all employers.

The process of issuing this certificate will be under the strict supervision of the association’s qualification approval and certification council. This council consists of a group of the most senior level 3 experts of the country who voluntarily accept this responsibility and act according to the council regulations.

Certainly, with these arrangements, the possibility of any kind of error and deviation will be zero. In this way, it will gradually bring the trust and confidence of all users, employers and consumers.

Most importantly, according to the association’s planning, the IRCCP standard will be coordinated and matched with the international standard ISO 9712, which is currently being developed in our country under the chairmanship of the same association, in a fast process and during a transition period. In this regard, a global multilateral agreement known as MRA was concluded with the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) by this association, and negotiations and an agreement with the National Accreditation Center of the country (NACI) were also made.

In this regard, the process of establishing and receiving the ISO 17024 standard is currently underway, after which the association will be recognized as the only certification body in the country in accordance with the international and national ISO 9712 standard. .

Preliminary negotiations along with the presentation of documents and documents with governmental and employer institutions, including the National Standards Organization of Iran, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, the Civil Aviation Organization, the integrated management system of the physical assets of the Ministry of Petroleum, the National Iranian Oil Company, the National Iranian Gas Company, the National Petrochemical Industries Iran, Continental Plateau Oil Company, Pars Oil and Gas Company, National Engineering System Organization, etc. have also been accepted and have declared their support for this central standard.

Therefore, the association intends to evaluate the existing certificates in the first step in a transition period of several months and issue the IRCCP certificate to valid certificate holders in a not so difficult process. In this regard, all holders of valid certificates of levels 1, 2, and 3 are invited to submit their request to the association by filling out the relevant forms. All applications, one by one, will be reviewed by the association’s accreditation and certification council, and the results and conditions of certification will be announced to the applicants according to the written and regulated rules and regulations.

In addition, applicants without a certificate can also send their request to the association to go through the process of qualification approval and certificate issuance according to the IRCCP standard.

(Certification Management Council) or CMC for short, is one of the most important councils of the association, which has started its activity since the establishment of the association. This council will consist of representatives of the Iranian NDT Association, consumers, suppliers, government departments and all members interested in the field of non-destructive testing, who will be selected based on NDT certification and sufficient and relevant experience, in accordance with the internal regulations of the council. Currently, this council has been formed with the presence of experienced specialists and experts with level 3 non-destructive testing certificates and follows the following general goals and policies:

  • Creating, developing and managing the certification program in the country
  • Preparing and maintaining the technical content of the certification program in the country
  • Preparation and maintenance of exam resources (bank of questions and sample parts)
  • Supervision and control of the test and certification process based on the written program.

Passing the appropriate training courses, passing the written and practical test, as well as having sufficient and relevant work experience, are the three conditions that determine a person’s “competence or competency ” to implement a non-destructive method or technique. If a person meets all the above three conditions, he has been “qualified” and after that he can receive an “inspection certificate”. The process of issuing and granting an inspection certificate to a qualified person is called “certifying “.

There are several systems and standards for determining the requirements for qualifying and certifying non-destructive testing employees, which are generally divided into two main categories, namely “internal or employer-oriented systems” and “central or third-party systems”.

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