The scientific-promotional magazine “Non-destructive Testing Technology” is published bi-quarterly with the aim of improving the knowledge level of specialists, researchers, students, experts and those involved in the field of non-destructive testing, as well as creating a platform for the exchange of new scientific and technical findings and achievements in relevant specialized fields. This journal intends to organize the new results and achievements in the field of non-destructive testing and create a systematic and interdisciplinary communication, to strengthen the scientific and technical foundations in the aforementioned specialty and its related sub-branches.
The specialized magazine “Nondestructive Testing Technology” will publish articles related to all fields and branches of evaluation and nondestructive testing, including x-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic, liquid penetrant, optical, optical, electrical, acoustic and thermography methods. Also, interdisciplinary industrial studies and researches such as food and agriculture industries and new and advanced technologies in the fields related to non-destructive tests as well as methods of monitoring the condition and health of structures and equipment relying on scientific and practical aspects and in a wide range of materials, equipment and structures will be the focus of this magazine.
International and domestic news in the field of non-destructive testing, introduction of new devices and equipment, news and reports about conferences and meetings in this field, as well as standards, training and certification of employees are among other items of interest in this publication.

We hope that with the publication of this magazine and with the expansion of new ideas and promotion of academic and industrial activities in the specialized field of non-destructive tests and the establishment of a suitable connection between the needs and scientific and practical achievements, the field of exchange of opinions will be provided in diagnosing and solving the problems in this specialized field.