Council of Education

Undoubtedly, “training” is considered one of the most important pillars of any organization and forms the foundation of the organization’s growth and development. Accordingly, one of the main missions of scientific associations is to educate, improve and retrain the members of the association and all academic and industrial audiences in the relevant field.

The Educational Council started working as one of the active councils from the beginning of the establishment of the association, and by holding numerous meetings while examining the educational infrastructure needed in the country in the field of technical inspection and non-destructive tests, it tried to provide a standard process for this matter. The goals and general policies of this council are as follows:
• Educational needs assessment of technical inspection and non-destructive testing community
• Introducing and promoting the correct culture of implementing qualification proof systems in the country
• Helping to grow and improve the level of knowledge and expertise in this field
• Helping to improve the quality level of current educational courses in the country
• Holding workshops, seminars and specialized training courses in different industries of the country
• Holding free training courses on the use of non-destructive testing in industries for students
• Standardization of active educational centers in the country.

Invitation to cooperate

The Iranian Non-Destructive Inspection Association, as the highest scientific and specialized authority in the field of technical inspection and non-destructive tests in the country, intends to fulfill one of its most important goals, which is to organize content and training programs for technical inspection and non-destructive tests employees in the country. , to complete the members of the Education Council by accepting a number of new members from among those interested and colleagues who have the certificate of level three of non-destructive tests.

Fortunately, with the acceptance of the Iranian Non-Destructive Inspection Association as a full member and representative of the Iranian Non-Destructive Testing Society in the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) and subsequently with the signing of the global agreement for the implementation of the ISO EN 9712 global standard by the association and the signing of the cooperation agreement with the largest and most prestigious testing association Non-Destructive World Organization (ASNT – America) on the one hand, and cooperation with the governing organizations inside the country, such as the National Certification Center of Iran and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, on the other hand, have taken great steps in this direction.

All experts and interested parties are hereby invited to express their desire and request for membership in this council by sending an e-mail to the secretary of the association.

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