Corporate Membership

The Iranian Association of Non-Destructive Testing is the highest scientific and specialized authority in the field of non-destructive testing in the country. This association has continuous membership and official representation (with voting rights) of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT). The Iranian Non-Destructive Testing Association cordially invites all specialists and experts in the country’s industries, students, researchers and university professors and those interested in the field of technical inspection and non-destructive testing to cooperate and become members of the association.
All real and legal members of the association are required to comply with the ethical charter of the association, and membership in the association is a commitment to comply with the provisions of the ethical charter of the association. In case of violation of the provisions of the code of ethics, the membership of the individual or according to the decision of the board of directors of the association will be canceled.

The code of ethics of the association is considered the basis of internal thinking and external behavior of all members of the Iranian Nondestructive Testing Association. All real members and
The association’s legal rights are required to comply with the ethical charter of the association, and membership in the association is a commitment to comply with the provisions of this charter. In case of violation
From the provisions of the code of ethics, according to the decision of the board of directors of the association, the membership of the wrong person or company will be canceled.
A real or legal member of the association must:
1- Always support the good reputation and credibility of the association, its statutes and regulations and be proud of being a member of the association.
2- From causing any direct or indirect harm to the professional reputation, material and spiritual interests of the association or the profession and occupation of other members of the association
3- Refrain from participating in any issue that presents a distorted image of the association or its members.
4- In expanding the knowledge and technology of non-destructive tests in the country and in promoting the goals of the association and achieving them, using all tools and media.
It is possible to try through the exchange of experiences and information with others.
5-Considering all technical and commercial information related to the association, association members, employers or customers as confidential and not disclosing them without gain
Withhold permission from the respective owners.
6. Inform them of any relationship or work affiliation that creates a conflict of interest with the association, employer or client.
7- To carry out all activities related to non-destructive tests at the highest level of standard and quality and in the protection of life, safety and health
His colleagues and the general public, as well as the protection of the environment, did their best.
8- Perform all duties and activities related to your profession to all stakeholders including employers, clients, competitors and colleagues with honesty and Complete correctness.
9- To carry out advertising measures for himself only in a professional manner and avoid any unprofessional advertising or job search with unconventional methods.
and do not accept any inappropriate support.
10. Refrain from engaging in any unethical actions that may be suspected of bribery, as well as any dishonest behavior in the field of non-destructive tests.
11- To receive the fee related to any type of service or specific work, either financially or in any other form, from only one source, unless all
Stakeholder sources should be fully aware of the matter.
12- To provide appropriate incentives and sufficient opportunities to progress and increase the job skills of employees and activists in the field of technical inspection and
Try non-destructive tests.
13-Always provide clear, correct and reliable information, especially in interviews and publishing news and advertisements, as well as in providing guidance or criticism.
14 In all published works and articles, notes and speeches, all material and intellectual rights of the owners of the work or other people related to that subject
15- From any behavior and comments in assemblies or meetings of the association that indicate any discrimination due to gender, racial, ethnic, religious differences, Nationality and the like should be avoided.
16- In order to maintain the position and reputation of the association, report any violation of this code of ethics by other members of the association to the association’s secretariat.

Benefits of Corporate membership

receiving a plaque and confirmation of membership in the association;

receiving continuous publications and newsletters of the association;

introducing the services of legal members of the association to the industries of the country;

Inserting the name and information of the company as a legal member on the website of the association;

Free membership for one of the company’s personnel as a representative in the forum;

Free participation in scientific-specialist seminars and industrial visits of the association;

obtaining points and approval certificates from the association to renew national and international certificates;

Introduction of the company and its personnel for membership in the committees of the National Standard Organization of Iran;

The possibility of inserting the association’s logo on the company’s website and documents as a member and associate approved by the association;

benefiting from a discount in the use of advertising space on the website, publications, conferences and exhibitions of the association;

Creating facilities to participate in exams and obtain valid national and international certificates for the company and its personnel;

Granting a letter of introduction to use the services of organizations and organizations that cooperate with the Iran Non-Destructive Inspection Association;

benefiting from a discount in the use of educational, research, consulting and third-level services for the company and its personnel;

Creating facilities to attend conferences and exhibitions of the Iranian Non-Destructive Inspection Association and foreign partner associations.

Corporate membership procedures

  1. Payment of membership fee

    Completing the Corporate membership form on the forum website

    Send a picture of the following documents when completing the membership form

    Image of the company’s or organization’s statutes

    Image of membership fee payment slip

    Company or organization logo file

    Image of the official newspaper of the company or organization

    The image of the latest announcement of company or organization changes

    (All the above documents must be prepared and uploaded during online registration.)

    Receiving the results of the review of the submitted documents at the latest after 4 working days (the results of the review will be sent via e-mail.)

    Receive final confirmation, membership number and membership card after 20 working days at most.

    (After completing the membership process, all applicants must go to the association’s secretariat to receive their membership card or contact the association’s secretariat to send their card by mail.)

    Every day, numerous calls and correspondences are made by employers, individuals, institutions and organizations of our country with the association to meet their needs, companies that provide technical inspection services and non-destructive tests, institutions that organize training courses in common and advanced methods of non-destructive tests and companies The supplier or manufacturer of technical inspection equipment should be introduced to them by the association. For this purpose, in order to respond as best as possible to the applicants for these services on the one hand and introduce the member companies of the association to the applicants and their target market on the other hand, this page introduces and displays the information of the legal members of the association.

    On the website of the association, the general information of the companies, the e-mail to communicate with them and the field of activity of the company are included and it can be searched separately by the name of the company, the location of the province or city and the field of activity. This page is still being completed and more details of the field of activity and type of services of the companies will be added over time.